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Miriam Dvorin

My Music

Musical Beginnings

As a little kid I could always sing on pitch. I would sing along with Shirley Temple and thought myself at least as talented as she was. I took tap and gymnastic dance and could even do the splits. When instrumental lessons were offered at my elementary school, my mother's violin was reconditioned for the task. From the moment the violin was handed to me I knew how it worked, and I was playing songs long before I took my first formal lesson.

Musical Wanderings

The violin has been my ticket to musical adventure ever since. I have played a multiplicity of musical styles in a wide variety of venues meeting a prodigious diversity of people. I have played everything from bluegrass fiddle tunes like Old Joe Clark to Donizetti's comic opera The Daughter of the Regiment. I've played with everyone from operatic baritone Sherrill Milnes to rocker Rod Stewart. But fiddle playing hasn't been my only musical endeavor.

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