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Courses taught by Sujan Sarkar, CS Instructor

Presentations on learning on the Internet or Intranet are encouraged from all aspects of higher education, including academic disciplines, academic computing, student services, instructional, administration, and distance learning. The following SRJC multimedia course websites were developed to provide a practical ongoing hybrid approach to integrating the internet/intranet in the classroom.
sarkar lecture/lab programming class

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Spring 2012 ...ON SABBATICAL!!!
Programming modules (C++ and VISUAL BASIC) =>

2015 current Fall semester courses (CATE username/password required...)

CS 5 - Computer Literacy (Fall 2015)
CS 10 - Introduction to Programming (Fall 2015)

2015 prior semester courses taught...

CS 10 - Introduction to Programming (Summer2015)
CS 5 - Computer Literacy (Spring 2015)
CS 10 - Introduction to Programming (Spring 2015) 

Sampling of prior semester courses (OPEN for public access)

CS 5 - Computer Literacy (Fall 2011)
CS 10 - Introduction to Programming (Fall 2011)

other courses taught in the past....

CIS 66 - Management Information Systems
CIS 16A - Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic
CIS 16B - Advanced Programming Concepts with Visual Basic
CIS 84.50 - Beginning Microsoft FrontPage
CIS 84.17 - Microsoft DOS / Windows Command Line

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CS Department, Maggini Hall 2940 -Wednesday 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
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