What you will find on this site is a collection of sculpture photographs with descriptions and in many cases exercises. With the exception of the works by the guest artists, the sculptures are my own work and most of the photos are also mine. These are mathematically inspired works and so in many cases full understanding will require some training. Without that training, however, there is still a lot to see and read. My hope is that you will become curious about the mathematics that you see and explore further on your own. There are abundant internet resources for the topics included here, many of which are linked within this site. You will also find an index of topics keyed to the pages of the site. Furthermore, when appropriate, the exercise sets will indicate the number of the Santa Rosa Junior College math class in which the topic would be introduced.

The materials that I used for the construction of these sculptures are very much mixed. I have incorporated a lot of wood and metal with glass, ceramic, resin and stone occasionally worked in. I understand and appreciate that mathematics is precise and in a sense austere, but in most of my pieces you will also find natural elements to temper and contrast this somewhat. Without getting too philosophical, I think that some randomness and occasionally some distortion makes the art more interesting. It also seems to me that art is such a natural extension of mathematics. To study and appreciate mathematics solely for its beauty is not an embarrassment or a crime.

I have spent a lot of time on this project, but it does not feel like work. Perhaps it has been frustrating at times, but throughout the entire journey I have enjoyed myself and want you to do the same. Do not take any of this too seriously, but be involved enough to learn about some new ideas.

For particular class topics or projects, consult the index. Another good way to begin is to take the slide show tour (it may take about 30 seconds to load). Enjoy, explore and discover!

Richard Werner

the artwork of Richard Werner