Art Classes of Michael McGinnis

Art 5


3-Dimensional Design is a physical art class. As such, students delve into the richness of the material world. We make things, many things.

The intent of Art 5 is to gain an understanding of physical form through the manipulation of materials in space.

Projects may include transforming paper forms, pop-up book design, plaster casting and carving, self-portrait marionettes, mobiles, mechanical toys, furniture design, architectural-scale construction, and more.

Art 7A

Drawing and Composition 1

As the name implies, Art 7A is a basic course in drawing & composition. It is designed to develop a student's ability to perceive and define shape, mass, contour, volume, space and light.

It is often the beginning step in a lifelong love of art.

Students work from the still-life, bones, landscape, architecture, people, masterworks, and their imagination. Drawing paper and compressed charcoal are staples, and various color media are introduced.

Art 33 & Art 75


Art 33A (beginning), Art 33B (intermediate), and Art 75 (advanced). These classes explore the complex and involved world of sculptural form through a historical perspective as well as self-discovery.

Students create a range of pieces through a variety of projects, from figurative realism, to geometric abstraction, and beyond.

Sculpture is a dynamic concept, adapting perpetually to new modes and ideals. We search to define what it means to us.

Art 18

Computer Graphics In Art

There are two versions of this class: Art 18.1 and Art 18.2.
Essentially, they employ computers, scanners, digital cameras, drawing tablets, and printers for making art.

Our primary goal is the creation of finished artwork where composition and meaning are explored.

Students sketch, paint, photograph and invent all along the way… exploring the complex technical world of digital art.

Art 107

Color Drawing

This course focuses on the color aspects of drawing. Dry pastel is the medium of choice because it can be drawn and erased like charcoal.

We explore many issues related to the basics of drawing, but with an intense study of light, shadow, reflection, texture, and form through the use of color.

Sketching is done with either graphite pencil or directly with pastel until a composition is prepared for the addition of color. Pastels are mixed directly on the surface of BFK printmaking paper, and worked with fingers or other simple tools.

My Art

I am an artist, craftsman, and sometimes inventor. My interests range from drawing, sculpting, and digital painting, to furniture design and construction. I hold three patents for picture framing and matting devices, and have a toy called Superplexus licensed by Hasbro.

My education is in sculpture, but what I learned most about art came to me after school -or in other words, as part of real life.

My philosophies: create a positive reflection of the world; build well for generations, or leave no footprint; art reflects life, but is not life.


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