Annual Meeting of the
Northern California Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology

Saturday, March 5, 2011

San Francisco State University
Creative Arts Building

Hosted by San Francisco State University
College of Creative Arts, College of Ethnic Studies, Department of American Indian Studies, World Music & Dance Program

Keynote Session sponsored by Asian Improv aRts:
"Sounding Asian Improv aRts at San Francisco State University"
presented in conjunction with
ImprovisAsians 2011! – The Art of Agency 3
March 2nd – 5th, 2011

~ S C H E D U L E ~

8:00-9:00 Registration & Coffee
Annual Dues: $15 General $10 Students/Low Income




Session I

9:00-10:00 "The Salt Song Trail Map" (documentary film, lecture & discussion) – Philip M. Klasky (San Francisco State University)

9:00-9:30 "Psychedelia as National Project? From 'Space to Environment' to EXPO '70" – Miki Kaneda (University of California, Berkeley)

9:30-10:00 "Rebetiko: Modern Interpretation of a Greek Art Form" – Eli Harrison (San Francisco State University)

Session II

10:15-10:45 "The Voice of a Woman: Educating Moroccan Audiences in Hip Hop Literacy with Stage Talk" – Kendra Salois (University of California, Berkeley)

10:45-11:15 " 'Nayda' and the Music Festival in Morocco" (video presentation) – Tzvetomira Tocheva (University of Strasbourg, France)

11:15-11:45 "Demonstration of Moroccan Fusion" (video presentation) – Adil Hanine (drummer for Hoba Hoba Spirit) and Sajid Ammor (bassist and guitarist)

10:15-10:45 "Reasoning Sessions with Irie Vatos: Mexican-American Rastafari Identity" – Monique Posadas (San Jose State University)

10:45-11:15 "Las Posadas in Los Angeles: Mexican Festival in the Era of Multiculturalism" – Luis Chavez (California State University, East Bay)

11:15-11:45 "From Yo Soy to Que Lo Soy: Agency, Amerindian Archetypes, and Androgenity in a Disney Song" – Robin Sacolick (University of California, Santa Cruz)


11:45-1:00 (on your own)


Keynote Session

1:00-2:30 "Sounding Asian Improv aRts at San Francisco State University" – Francis Wong (Asian Improv aRts), Hafez Modirzadeh (San Francisco State University), John-Carlos Perea (San Francisco State University). Presented by Asian Improv aRts in collaboration with the SFSU College of Ethnic Studies, SFSU College of Creative Arts and NCCSEM.


Session III

2:45-3:15 "Abstracting Iranian Classical Music" – Faraz Minooei (University Of California, Irvine)

3:15-3:45 "Piano Music around the World" – Julia Hansen (Skyline College)

3:45-4:15 "Connecting the Voices of the Philippine Magindanaon Kulintang and African American Jazz Ensemble" – royal hartigan (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)

2:45-3:15 "Cultural Differentiation and the Rise of Professional Musicians in Odisha, India" – David Dennen (University of California, Davis)

3:15-3:45 "Keeping up with the Times: Exemplification of Scottish Identity in the Wake of Hybridization" – Ian Martyn (University of California, Davis)

3:45-4:15 "Something in the Way She Moves: Meaningful Gestures in Flamenco Interaction" – Tony Dumas (University of California, Davis)

Business Meeting