World Music Appreciation

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MirPic.jpgInstructor: Dr. Miriam Dvorin-Spross   

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GREETINGS! You must be here because you want to know more about World Music Appreciation.

There's a lot of wonderful music out there, much more than we can ever cover in depth in one semester. But if we spread ourselves too thin we can miss a lot. So how can we balance breadth with depth?

Our "survey" style textbook provides breadth with a brief exploration of the musical expressions of ten geographic regions. We balance these limited explorations by each doing an in-depth "ethnography" researching a musical phenomenon of our own choosing.

Every semester I am stunned by the outstanding scholarship and originality of my students.

What are your musical interests? Of which world musics are you a "fan"? Which world musics would you like to explore? In this class you can do all that and get college credit for it, too!

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PHOTO: Gong-circle instruments (khong mon) of the Mon people of Southeast Asia