Senator Morrow's editorial A) fails to clearly state how wide spread any academic bias is, let alone how common it is for faculty "[to] humiliate students or employ a two-tiered grading system that punishes the GPA of those expressing alternative perspectives," let alone how common it is for educators to morph campuses into "hotbeds of incivility, intolerance, lack of intellectual diversity, harrassment, intimidation, and breach of contract," let alone how common it is for faculty to "run their classrooms as if managing little Abu Graibs," B) supports these vague charges with vague references to a course taught by a graduate student and an incident that occurred outside a classroom which did not involve a teacher, C) ignores the American Association of University Professor's current Statement of Principles, and D) neglects to address whether or not current California college or university policies and procedures can sufficiently address any academic bias that does exist.