Was 'Operation Red Scare' an example of McCarthyism? What is McCarthyism? The following is a partial list of the many sources addressing this topic:

Defining McCarthyism:

Cambridge Dictionary Definition of McCarthyism

Cambridge Dictionary Definition of Witch-hunt

The New Dictionary or Cultural Literacy Definition of McCarthyism

American Heritage Dictionary Definition of McCarthyism

Dictionary.com Definition of McCarthyism

Dictionary.com Definition of Witchhunt

Merram-Webster Definition of McCarthyism

Accounts of Senator McCarthy, the Un-American Activities Committee, and its Tactics:

Columbia Encyclopedia on Senator McCarthy

Encyclopedia.com on Senator McCarthy

The Age of McCarthyism: A Brief History with Documents

The Un-American Activities Committee and McCarthyism

Blacklists and Other Economic Sanctions

Naming Names: The Social Costs of McCarthyism

McCarthy and Presidential Politics

McCarthy Attacks President Truman

McCarthy's Telegrams to President Truman

Eisenhower's Responses to McCarthyism

Reexamining the Life and Legacy of America's Most hated Senator - A review

Secret McCarthy Papers Released

McCarthy's Secret Show: The Difference Between Dissent and Disloyalty

Deterring Speech: When is it McCarthyism? When is it Proper?

McCarthyism and Academia

Communists Should Not Teach in American Colleges

College Files Open For Official Investigations

McCarthy Era Blacklists of School Teachers, College Professors, and Other Public Employees

The Effect of McCarthyism on American Universities

Anthropology at War

McCarthy Transcripts and Records

McCarthy Hearings - Transcripts (1953-1954)

F.B.I. Records on Senator McCarthy

Senate Resolution 301: Censure of Senator McCarthy (1954)

A New McCarthyism?

Joe McCarthy Was Right

The Recently-Released McCarthy Secret Hearing Transcripts in Light of Charges of a "New McCarthyism"

McCarthyism: Then and Now

A Return to McCarthyism

The New McCarthyism (The Progressive)

The New McCarthyism (Salon.com)

The New McCarthyism (Metro Times)

The New McCarthyism (The Harvard Independent)

The New McCarthyism: The Witchhunting of Ward Churchill

McCarthyism of Political Correctness Alive in U.S.

Red Scare Retro

The New McCarthyism: Repeating History in the War on Terrorism

Was Operation Red Scare McCarthyism?

Putting Academic Freedom and Pedagogy in Context

McCarthyism, Higher Education, and the New Assault on Academic Freedom (A Panel Discussion)

Origins of the 50s Red Scare and Implications for Today

McCarthyism, Higher Education, and the New Assault on Academic Freedom

McCarthy Era Methods, Operation Red Scare, and Senator Morrow's Defense of His Student Bill of Rights

Academic Freedom

Right-Wing Post-Modernism and the Student's Academic Bill of Rights

Remarks on Red Star Incident and Comment on Prof. Ellen Schreckerís presentation

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