Why It's Premature to Stop Discussing Operation Red Scare


I’m inclined to think that talking is one of the most constructive, healing activities humans are capable of.  Two weeks ago I came before the Senate and asked you to promote a public forum on education and indoctrination.  My hope was that clarifying the distinction between the two would prevent future “Red Star” incidents. 


Since then I have been discussing this proposal with people, especially faculty and students who were directly involved in this event.  Unfortunately, the more I listen to and read from the SRJC College Republicans’ leadership, the more concerned I become that they are not interested in understanding the issues surrounding this incident. They seem more interested in creating publicity for a partisan political bill.


So, while I support the use of public dialogue to cope with a community’s issues, and I believe it will be good for our community eventually to discuss the nature of education and indoctrination, I believe it is premature for our community to move past a discussion of the “Red Star Flyer” itself.  The more people understand this incident, I believe, the better we will understand the many issues it raises.  I ask the Senate and the SRJC community to promote discussion on these important issues.