Whereas, a small number of students, representing a political conviction, took upon themselves the task of publicly labeling as communists a number of instructors by covertly posting flyers on the instructor’s doors, and


Whereas, these students ignored established grievance procedures set in place to question instruction, and


Whereas, the instructors targeted all teach in disciplines where multiple points of view are debated to promote critical thinking, reading and writing skills, and


Whereas, the chosen instructors were targeted on hearsay complaints by unknown students, and


Whereas, only after the illicit postings, did the students state this was a technique to encourage discussion, and


Whereas, resorting to groundless accusations and intimidation doesn’t encourage or promote discourse. It injures, no matter how absurd the claims, and


Whereas, it damages highly respected instructors’ reputations. It potentially intimidates students from selecting instructors who may offer them the best instruction for their individual needs, and


            Be it resolved, the Academic Senate supports their colleagues and condemns the behavior of the students involved for threatening targeted instructors, in truth, the college, all instructors, academic freedom and the students who may feel intimidated.


Academic Senate

March 16, 2005