15 April 2005
by David Abbott

As the semester winds down and we put our last edition of the Oak Leaf to bed, as News Editor I would like to take this opportunity to comment on a semester gasping out its final, laborious breaths.

The biggest story of the semester, at least in the SRJC newspaper of record, was the infamous "red star" event. For three incredible issues, Molly McPherson's attractive face was splashed over the pages of the Oak Leaf. With the SRJC Republicans by her side, sans faculty advisor Bob Blanchard, young Molly spread her newly formed political wings and made vague and false accusations against instructors in the Humanities Department. The College Republicans carried out their brave deed under the cover of darkness, and when the time for media saturation seemed optimal, came forward out of the shadows armed with threats of O'Reilly and Hannity, to admit that they did the McCarthyistic starring.

Unfortunately for Molly and her crew, O'Reilly and Hannity never materialized, and the Press Democrat quickly dropped the item as "news." That left rabid right-wing blogs and the pages of the Oak Leaf as the only "news outlets" to consider the story newsworthy. David Horowitz is probably very disappointed, and the Orwellian legislation SB5, which purports to give students "academic freedom," is likely on the rocks despite an all-out assault on our sensibilities by the SRJC Republicans and other conservative students.

As the groundswell around the country lashing out at the "liberal biases" of professors in the "Liberal Arts" departments of publicly-funded colleges from Maine to Honolulu grows, our savvy young Republicans did their best to bring this national attack on academia to our fair, oak-studded campus. The rest of the student body didn't buy into it though, and voted in record numbers during the recent student election. Molly and the "New Progressives" were soundly thrashed, leaving a lethargic status quo that is preferable to dirty political shenanigans. George has been busy at SRJC. Not W, but Orwell, the author of "1984."

What's left for our brave new SRJC Republicans? Since they are so enamored with Bush Administration policies, I think it would be great if they all joined the Army and went over to Iraq to "defend our freedom." That would show the naysayers. There must be several strapping young men involved in their club, and if they were to go off to war, there would be one less reason to call them hypocrites. Oh, there are even jobs for smart young women like Molly, so if she followed her heart and joined the military in a rush of patriotic fervor, I'd take back all the negative things I've written about her, published or not.

The question, for me at least, remains; were these intellectually inferior students who made poor grades because they are unable to express themselves or defend their narrow views of the world? Were they innocent, misguided kids who followed the lead of a national figure who has a political agenda and is willing to shamelessly use children to forward it? Finally, after they dismantle the Humanities, is the Biology Department next in the line of fire? Hang on to your Evolution children of the Enlightenment; we're in for a bumpy ride.