What was Operation Red Scare? Was some of the Oak Leaf's (Santa Rosa Junior College's student-run newspaper) coverage propoganda for, or even part of Operation Red Scare? Was 'Operation Red Scare' an example of McCarthyism? How well did mainstream news media report on the incident? How well did mainstream news media's editorial commentaries report on, interpret, and assess it? How well did online blogs report on, interpret, and assess it? What are the relationships between Operation Red Scare, similar college incidents, and David Horowitz's attempt to promote legislation based on his 'Academic Bill of Rights'? What are the strengths and weaknesses of David Horowtiz's 'Academic Bill of Rights' and the legislation it's inspired? Would David Horowitz's 'Academic Bill of Rights' and the legislation it's inspired lead to future incidents like Operation Red Scare?

These questions have lead me to compile the following. I'm placing this resource online because 1- these issues, the events currently raising them, and their potential effects on educational institutions, are newsworthy, 2- I hope this resource encourages better understanding of these newsworthy issues, and 3- I hope students and educators find this a helpful class resource:

What was 'Operation Red Scare'?

News Coverage of 'Operation Red Scare'

Commentary on 'Operation Red Scare'

Blog Responses to 'Operation Red Scare'

Was 'Operation Red Scare' an Example of McCarthyism?

Academic Freedom Information Site

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