A.A.U.P.’s 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom

A.A.U.P.’s 1966 Statement on Professional Ethics 

A.A.U.P.'s 1967 Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students 

A.A.U.P.'s 1994 Statement on Freedom of Expression and Campus Speech Codes

A.A.U.P.'s 2002 Document on Academic Freedom of Individual Professors and Educational Institutions

A.A.U.P.'s 2002 Document on Tenure: Current Perspectives and Challenges

A.A.U.P.'s 2003 Statement on Academic Freedom and National Security

A.A.U.P.'s 2004 Document Examining Academic Freedom and Professorial Speech

A.A.U.P.'s 2005 Document Examining Political and Religious Belief Discrimination on Campus

A.A.U.P.'s 2005 Academia Issue Covering Successful Academic Freedom Campus Initiatives

A.A.U.P.'s Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure

N.A.C.U.A's "Understanding Tenure: History, Purpose, and Relationship to Academic Freedom"

Summary of 2005 A.C.E.'s Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibilities

A.C.E.'s 2005 Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibilities

S.R.J.C. Academic Senate's 2005 Academic Freedom and Integrity Resolution

U.C. Santa Cruz Academic Senate's 2004 Patriot Act Resolution

California State University Handbook of Election Issues

The Academic Bill of Rights (Espaņol)

The Student Bill of Rights

A.A.U.P.'s Collection of State Legislation Based on the Academic Bill of Rights

California State Senate Bill 5 - The Student Bill of Rights

Center for the Study of Popular Culture's Study on Academic Bias by David Horowitz and Eli Lehrer

Center for the Study of Popular Culture's Funding

Students for Academic Freedom list of Campus Bias

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