Monday, September 3, 2012


Getting Started:

Hello World
Hello World Part 2


Working with cin and variables part 1
Working with cin and variables part 2

Objects, Types and Conditions

Comparing variable values part 1
Comparing variable values part 2
Tutorial: switch case
Tutorial: Control Structures

Repetition Structures

Pete and Repeat Part 1
Pete and Repeat Part 2

Select two exercises from the textbook chapter 4. You can use the solutions as a guide, but make sure to include a class in your programs.

To Err Is Human

Check Input Part 1
Check Input Part 2

Passing by Value and by Reference

Passing the Buck

Non-Member Functions

No More Members-Only


Members Only

Return Values and References

Return to Sender

Select two exercises from the textbook chapter 8. This time, using a class in your program is entirely optional. Here are the exercises and possible solutions: Chapter 8 Exercise Solutions


Follow along with this namespaces tutorial: Namespaces

Standard Template Library Class Tutorials

Follow along with one or more of these STL class tutorials:
std::string--The c++ String Class
C++ Notes: Examples: Compress Words (uses string, vector and sort)
C++ Notes: Multiple Source Files (Uses vector)
c++ Notes: Passing Vector Parameters

Enums, Structs and Classes

Here are a few more tutorials to try:
C++ Notes: Enums
Lesson 7: Structures in c++
Lesson 12: Introduction to Classes in c++

Input and Output Streams

For this lab, try this on your own:
  • Create a non-member function to read each line of this web log file weblog.txt (Right click to save this file on your computer)
  • Save each line in a string variable as you read it from the file
  • Display the line using cout
  • Write each line to a new file.

For help with this, try one of these great resources:
Input/Output with Files
Chapter 10

Pass a Line from a File to a Class Vector

From File to Memory


All Your Ducks in Array
Array Tutorial

Searching and Testing

Search Program with Test Harness