Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Final Exam

The final exam is an open-book, open-compiler take-home exam. Log into the student portal at for the announcement regarding the final exam. That student portal announcement has the link to download the exam. It is due Friday, December 20th at 11:59PM by email.

Class Cancelled Tuesday, Oct. 8th Only

I have a cold, which has made me lose my voice. I have to cancel class tomorrow, Tuesday October 8th. Please read this article on Inheritance before the next class meeting:
Inheritance Article

Late Work

I accept late work without penalty up to the final exam date. It is a good idea to stay as close to the listed due dates as possible, so the work doesn't pile up, but you have a little added flexibility if you need it. I would much prefer grading a late assignment without errors, than an on-time assignment that will not compile.

For those of you still struggling with project 1, I have added a few Hands-On Activities that may help. This activity has been upgraded: string Class and Container ADTs. Scroll down on that page to find a new activity for using string functions on strings that are stored in an array. The same techniques could be used on strings that are stored in a vector. It shows how to find a substring in a string that is stored in an array, so check it out if working with strings has you stuck on project 1.

I also added a brand new activity Vector, A Dynamic Container. This activity shows how to eliminate duplicates in a vector and how to compare two vector objects.

Hopefully these activities help you if you are currently stumped. If not, send me an email:

No Jury Duty Thursday

Class lecture, lab and my office hours will be held on-campus as usual on Thursday, Sept. 5th.

Welcome to CS 11!

The handouts for this week are now available under the handouts link on the left menu, including powerpoint slides that can serve as lecture notes and all of the example c++ code for the week.

I have posted a link to the refresher tutorials for c++ classes under the tutorials link on the left menu. Follow along with these lab style tutorials for extra practice creating and using c++ classes.

One final note: If you are on the wait list, you will be automatically added to the class and will not need an add code.