lesson 1 - get started assignment


Text: No reading required, but if you have time you might want to get a head start by reading the intro and chapter 1.

DVD: Review Get Started lesson

For Credit:

  1. Check in - part 1
    visit this page
    Here you will be asked to create a username and password. These values will be used ONLY when you submit online homework forms, or check on your grade.
  2. Check in - part 2 - 5 points
    After you have completed the part 1 of the check in you will automatically be taken to this page
    By completing this form, you accomplish three goals: register yourself in the online gradebook, verify your email address so you can receive email from your instructor each week, introduce yourself to your classmates so we can all get to know each other.

    After submitting this online form you will immediately see a grade in the gradebook.

  3. Establish your account on the student server
    Video demonstration on DVD > Get Started Lesson > account on "student"

    The name of the server to which we will be uploading our websites is "student". You must upload the pages that you will be creating in this class to this server. In order to establish your account, go to https://student.santarosa.edu:85/apply/linux-account.php, and follow the instructions. Your account should be automatically established immediately upon completion of the application.

    Tip: The most common problem students have is that they enter their birthdate incorrectly. Please note that the system requires you to enter your birthdate in an order that is probably not the most intuitive: birth year in 4 digits, then month in 2 digits, then day in 2 digits.

    Note on Usernames and Passwords:
    1. You will be told what your username is when your account is created. Normally your username is your first initial and last name, lower case, up to a total of eight characters. If you have a common last name, you may get a slightly different username.
    2. Your password is your first and last initials, capitalized, and the last five digits of your Student ID number.
    3. These are your student server username and password. You will use them when logging in to the student server.
  4. Critique a website - 10 points
    1. Go to the following URL:

    2. You will see that this is a page that displays links to web sites that SRJC advanced students created. Look at one web site from this page, and ask yourself the following questions:
      Your first and last name
      Section #
      The name of the site you reviewed.
      What was the site about?
      Was the site easy to navigate?
      Was the site engaging?
      What are the strengths of the site?
      What are your suggestions for improvement?

    3. Now you will post your critique to the class message board.

      When you visit the class message board for the first time you need to select the "Register" link in the upper right corner and create a unique username and password for the message board. Once you have done that, write down the values so you can use them all semester.

      After you have submitted a reply you can check to see if it went through by scrolling down to the bottom of the "Critique Site" post and reading your response.

      After posting to the message board you will not see a grade in the gradebook until I have recorded your score (1-2 days after due date).
  5. Download required ftp/ssh software -
    Video demonstration on DVD > Get Started Lesson >
    download SSH client(win) or download Fugu(mac)

    You'll need to download two applications onto your computer in order to be able to accomplish two important tasks:
    (1) you'll need an "SSH" application so that you'll be able to configure your account on the student server to set up a folder to put your files in
    (2) you'll need "FTP" software so that you'll be able to move your webpages from your local computer over to your student server folder.

    Note - the first will only need to be performed once at the beginning of the class, whereas task 2 will be done each time you want to make a change to your website.

    For this week I just want you to get these applications on your computer so that you'll be ready to roll next week. We don't need to use them, just download and install them.

    Windows Users: SSH Client (windows) from the SRJC server
    The SSH and STP will be applications will be downloaded to your computer in a single .zip file. If you are asked whether to open or save the file, choose "save", and choose a location to save the file (probably your desktop).

    After this, double click on the icon that was downloaded. This will take you to an installation wizard that will guide you through the process of installing the 2 applications. Just click on the "next" or "yes" button at each step. When the wizard finishes, you will see 2 new icons, one labelled "SSH Secure Shell Client" and one labeled "SSH Secure File Transfer". You're done.

    Mac Users: Fugu (mac)
    You do not need to download an SSH application because you can use the application named "Terminal" that is already on your computer (more about this in lesson 2).

    For FTP we will be using an application named "Fugu". Download it here http://download.cnet.com/Fugu/3000-7240_4-26526.html, and then click on the link "Fugu.dmg". If you are asked whether to open or save the file, choose "save".

    After this, you may have to double click on the icon that was downloaded, or it may open automatically, depending on how your computer is configured. In either case, you'll have to select "agree", and then the icon for Fugu will appear on your desktop. You should probably move it to your Applications folder, and also to your dock.

    Windows and Mac Users
    Note: if you already have FTP software that you use and are comfortable with, you may use that software instead. However, note that the student server accepts only secure connections. If you aren't sure if your FTP software is secure, you should download the recommended software. Also, if you use your own software I won't be able to support you if something goes wrong.
  6. Submit Download form - 10 points
    (Online students use the DVD > Get Started Lesson > download SSH client or download Fugu)
    When you have finished downloading your FTP applications, and have created an account on the "student server" you need to complete the Download Form. After you have submitted the form check here to read your comments.

    After submitting this online form you will immediately see a grade in the gradebook.

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