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Welcome to class!!

Welcome! This class was designed to help you create attractive, functional, and professional Web sites for your own personal use, or for clients. As you work through the class you will be learning more about Cascading Style Sheets,HTML, and Javascript. We will be using wireframe softare, and bootstrap code to speed up our productivity.

At times this class will seem like a "code heavy" course, while other lessons will have you spending your time in more creative pursuits like selecting images and developing logos.

In this course each student will select a unique design which is currently a Photoshop file. The student will modify the design so it works for a home page and a second level page. Then they will create the HTML, CSS, and images required to built the site.

We will be using Photoshop to create a logo design for each client and create photo montages. We will also create a photo gallery, slideshow, and random image.. We will also discuss how to create drop down horizontal and vertical navigation using CSS.

This class uses code and software in each lesson, I hope you will find it useful as expand your Web Design skills.

Get Started

Welcome to CS 50.21B, Advanced Web Graphics Projects. This course will be taught entirely online. You will read the Lecture pages, dialogue with your fellow students on the class message board and turn in your homework online.

You will be creating a fictional Web sites using wireframe software, HTML/CSS/Javascript/Images. Much of that code will come from Bootstap, some of the code will be hand written by you.

You will also create a Wordpress site with the help of a Bootstrap template. Each student will modify the site by uploading their own child theme CSS file to customize the look of the site.

Finally you will create 2 logos for your client 2 & 3 sites.