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Welcome to class!!

This class was designed to help you create attractive, functional, and professional Web sites for your own personal sites, or for clients.

As you work through the class you will be learning about CSS 3, HTML 5, Javascript, and Photoshop (use GIMP if you can't affort Photoshop) . At times this class may seem "code heavy", once you enter the industry you will be grateful for your skills in CSS and HTML. Also a familiarity Javascript is becoming a must.

Three relatively new technologies will be stressed. CSS3, HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap. Most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) now effectively implement CSS3 code. HTML 5 has made it much easier to interact with Javascript and to create applications within a web page. Finally Twitter Bootstrap was released a few years ago and has rapidly gained popularity. This "front -end" development tool has hundred of pre-deifned classes that let you create pop down menus, thumbnail galleries, or slide carousels in minutes.

This class uses Bootstrap, hand coding, and graphics software to provide you with a full toolkit of Web Design skills.

This course will be taught entirely online. You will visit this class Web site where there is a description of the homework, class resources, and an overview page for each lesson. You can also dialogue with your fellow students at the Class Message List and ask your instructor a question using their email Once you have completed the work for each lesson you will turn in your homework online.

Each lesson has step by step written instructions and video demonstrations that will help you understand what you need to do to complete the assignments. If you have reviewed the video, read the written instructions and reviewed the sample files and you are still confused, please send me an email at Include CS 50.21A in the subject line and include your full name in the body of the question.

The advantage of an online course is the flexibility of your study schedule. Online courses require self discipline and an independent spirit. If you run into trouble and would like one on one attention, you can come to the lab during my lab hours, visit me during office hours, or send me your phone # and good times to call so we can talk over your questions. Expect to dedicate about 3-5 hours a week to this class. Please be careful not to fall behind in this class as it is hard to catch up. Here are some pages you will want to read to insure you are prepared for an online format.