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please note: this video was made a few years ago, there may be slight changes between the video and the current web pages. That is OK. If you have questions, send me a note.

This week we discuss how the teams will communicate and what will be accomplished during their first few meetings.

We will also discuss what needs to happen when you meet with the client.

I have included a section on resolving issues that arise during the course of the semester, and a case study of how different work styles can affect team interaction.

I have a page which contains links to files you can use with the client.

After reviewing the lesson make sure you access the "to do" menu and select review the requirements for the role you have been assigned.

From 6-7 we will break out into groups so each team can meet.

First Team Meeting Agenda
When you meet in class today I would like you to cover the following issues

  • introductions
  • share contact info: email, phone, skypename,
  • compare schedules to determine a good time to meet face to face or hold "real time" chats or skype sessions
  • look over what each of you is expected to do this week, share questions or concerns

If you plan to use CCCConfer to watch the class lecture from 5-6 pm

Participant > Meet Confer
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password: 371529

If you cannot watch the CCCConfer session live, or if you want to review it after class, I will add a link to the archived tomorrow.