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This lesson clearly defines the standards we will use to develop & test the client's web site.

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The responsibility for developing a template which meets these standards is the Designers. The Content Developers will need to test each page to make sure each page they create still meets the standards. If the Designer or Content Developer encounter problems or need help, they should ask their teammates and the teacher. We are all in this together and are eager to pitch in :->

I encourage but do not require the Project Manager to conform to these standards when creating the Project Web site.

The Programmers must conform to these standards if they write a script that produces HTML. Many of the scripts on the Web do not pass validation, if possible select one that does. If you can't find one, talk to your fellow programmers, then contact your instructor.

SPECIAL NOTE : In the Fall of 2010 we began teaching HTML5 instead of XHTML 1.0. This semester we have a some students who know XHTML and some that know HTML5. The team can meet and discuss what standard they use, either is OK, we just have to be consistent.

SUPER SPECIAL NOTE : Many CMS themes I have worked with do not validate, and some to not pass 508 compliance. If the team starts with a theme that doesn't validate, I will not require the subsequent pages to validate. I also do not expect students to modify a theme so it is 508 compliant. If you have a client that requests 508 compliance you will either need to build the site in HTML and CSS or choose a compliant theme.