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WELCOME to CS 50.31 & CIS 50.32.

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course overview:: this video covers:
overview of how the class is organized,
team roles are discussed,
how shell site & designers template are used
examples of site from Spring 2009

quiktime iconweb site tour :: review the major sections of the website, learn what's on the syllabus, how the homework page works, find out how to check your grade, and see examples of projects from years past.



quiktime iconcalendar / to do list :: here I review how the calendar and to do list work. I discuss what you need to do to set up a skype session. I expect students to have reviewed the videos for each lesson BEFORE class on Tuesday. Most of the class lectures will simple be Q and A. You can participate in the Q and A by attending in person or using CCCConfer. PLEASE NOTE - CALENDAR CHANGES FROM YEAR TO YEAR SO OUR CALENDAR WILL NOT MATCH THE VIDEO CALENDAR.


quiktime icon2009 projects :: for a sample of projects we have done in the past. For a more current list of projects, visit the examples page in the navigation bar above.



PLEASE NOTE - I have also created a site map which may help you find a class web page without searching in individual lessons.


These courses have several unique elements:

  • working with clients from the community
  • developing the Web site as a team
  • meeting both online and face to face

I will address each of these issues in this lesson, but first lets take a look at the layout of the class web site. Each lesson will have a main lesson page, (the page you are looking at now). Many lessons will also contain supplemental lesson pages which are accessed from the left sidebar. In the case of this lesson there are 7 supplemental lessons:

  1. course description
  2. web development cycle
  3. working with clients
  4. developing a team
  5. meeting schedule
  6. workstyle activities
  7. "to do" items

If you become confused about where you are you can also access the breadcrumb shown in the upper right corner of the screen, or use the "site map" link.

When you access a main lesson, if you are not sure where to go next, I recommend visiting the supplemental links in the order listed along the left sidebar.