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Handoff Lesson

Delivering the Site
This week you begin to cut the cord and develop a plan to deliver the product to the client. Issues you will need to discuss include:

  1. Where will the site be stored? If possible, the site needs to be at the client's Web site when we do the final presentation.
  2. I recommend you load the site and have the client watch as you move it. If they are fairly technical they can help you move the files.
  3. Provide the client and instructor with a copy of following items on a disc or CD.

    1. Web pages and Web images (provided by the CD).
      For groups using a CMS - the files live on the server. Some CMS allow you to make a backup of the site onto a disc, others do not. For groups that are using a CMS simply include a detailed explanation of where the files are and how they are accessed and modified.
    2. PSD / Flash source files (designer and IMD)
    3. Project site (PM)
    4. Client Manual (created by the team)

      The client manual is an explanation of what files they have been given, where the files are stored, how to change the text in a file, and upload the changed file. For Dreamweaver folks the example listed below is helpful, for CMS folks their is not really a site to give them it is more just explaining how to modify the site using the CMS interface.

      View Additional Examples of Client Manuals

      The client manual is often created by the CD, since they worked closely with the content and are most qualified to explain where the files are, how to open a page, make changes and upload it to the web.

      At some sites the designer or IMD contributes to the manual if there is a large numbwr of images in slideshows or galleries and if those items need to be updated regularly.

      The person who will be doing the training (if training is provided) is often the same person who writes the client manual.
  4. This is a good time to view the list of deliverables and make sure you have provided all of them.
  5. Who will be responsible for updating the information? Is training a part of the project? If so set up a time to deliver the training.

    Try and provide an estimate to the client for the amount of time that will be required to maintain the site. Also if the relationship has been a positive experience you may want to leave your business cards in case they decide to hire someone to provide web services later on.
  6. Return any materials which the client provided (photos brochures, discs, etc.)
  7. Ask the client to fill out the student evaluation form which I will be sending them in an email message. Make sure I have the correct email address for your client. I will be referring to project sites for that information.
  8. If you are working for a JC client send them to this web page which explains how the site can be moved to it's permanent location on the main JC server.