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This week there will be no class, and I will not be in the lab or classroom, unless you have made an appointment with me.

This week everyone is testing the site, and if problems are found correcting them. The testing schedule is:

PM tests with typical users supplied by the client
DES tests with the client
CD tests with classmates
PRGM tests hardware and software

If you have questions or concerns, please send me a note.

Best Wishes

You will also be reviewing the resources listed below. Refer to the homework page for the deadline for freelance postings.

Freelance resources

"What Skills do I need to get hired?"
You can watch it at:

Living with Irregularity - how to survive as an independent contractor who has an irregular income.

Monster - Career and Information Technology Jobs

Monster - IT / Software Development Articles


Starting Your Own Business
This is not a required part of the curriculum, however many students enrolled in the course request information regarding setting up their own business or hiring themselves out as freelance contractors. Refer to the links listed below for information on this topic. Also if you would like to use the class mailing list to discuss this issue - feel free. Finally the Redwood Empire Small Business Development Center is available to help you in creating a business plan.

Redwood Empire Small Business Development Center:

Lorraine DuVernay, Director


Web page with links to former students who have their own freelance business

Student Portfolios -