Final Lesson - main page

The presentation will be held in Baker 1809 on 5/22 from 5-9 pm.

We will have 30 minutes of chit chat and arrival of guests

Next we will begin presenting the sites.

Presentation Schedule

The team will go show the site with each team member offering a brief description of what they did. Then the client will speak briefly about their experiences.

You will also givethe client and the instructor the client manual and site CD

As the class ends you may be considering what to do next. I recommend you consider these 4 options.

  1. Continue taking classes so you may receive your certificate
  2. Apply for a certificate
  3. Contact Bev Henningsen the Intern Coordinator to set up an internship
  4. Contact Suzanne Papa our Certificate Placement counselor to apply for an entry level job.

Web Certification Course Information
For a complete list of classes which are required for the various certificates visit the Web Development certificate site.

Certificate Application Information
To apply for a certificate go in to the Admissions and Records department on either the Petaluma or Santa Rosa campuses. They will ask you for your full name, your student ID# and the names of the certificates you are applying for. A and R will then fill out a certificate application card for each certificate you are requesting. These cards along with your transcripts are sent to me. After I sign them, the department chair signs them and they are reviewed by A and R. If the certificate is approved you will be sent the certificate within 6 weeks of applying, if it is rejected you will be sent a note explaining why the certificate was not granted.Over the summer this process may take quite a bit longer since I will not be teaching and will not be on campus. You may apply for several certificates at the same time. There is no cost for this service.

Contact Information for the Internship Program
Bev Henningsen Intern Coordinator
(707) 527-4604

Contact Information for Certificate Job Placement
Suzanne Papa Placement Counselor
(707) 527-4690


Local Technology Groups

The North Bay Internet Society meets monthly in Sebastopol at O'Reily Media. They have excelent speakers on Web related topics and it is free.

Web & Interactive Media Pros has evening meetings and noon lunches in Santa Rosa.

Sonoma County Drupal Users Group is restarting. See their info in the pages for Drupal groups - Northern California.