Using a Template


When the CDs create a Web site from the Designers template they have several options:

  1. Use Dreamweaver to make each page
  2. Use CMS to build the pages (see CMS page for links to how to use WordPress, Webvanta, Drupal, Joomal)
    I have also found a
    video for using Drupal to make a page
    make a new page in Joomla
    make a new page in WordPress
    See Webvanta for turtorials on using their site.
  3. Hand code each page
  4. Use an HTML editor of your choice

Dreamweaver Info

Over the years I have had numerous questions about this process and about using Dreamweaver. I wanted to share some resources with you about this subject. I recommend that the CDs and Designers from each team watch these videos. It will help the designers see what they need to produce and help the CDs see how they handle the templates.

Please note - although I am presenting this information now, the finished template code is not due until week 11.

All CDs and DES should watch this demo regardless of the technique you are using to make the pages:

Set up for site production

If you would like to learn about using Dreamweaver to create the pages then I encourage you to watch the videos listed below:

Dreamweaver - step 1 - header images

Dreamweaver - step 2 - sub navigation

Dreamweaver - step 3 - content

Dreamweaver - step 4 - upload

Dreamweaver - step 5 - making page 2

If you plan to make the template by hand coding watch these videos

Hand coding - step 1 - css file

Hand coding - step 2 - header images

Hand coding - step 3 - content

Hand coding - step 4 - making page 2

Hand coding - step 5 - upload

if you are new to Dreamweaver and would like to learn more
Dreamweaver Basics pod casts

If you have questions or resources for Dreamweaver visit the class forum > Dreamweaver Support and either post a question or contribute the URL of a Dreamweaver resource.

If you would like to play with the files shown in the Video Demos they are here:

WRS template explanation

WRS template.html page

About page from the shell site

program page from shell site

women's services from shell site


about images folder

program images folder