Welcome to CS 50.31 and 50.32

These 2 classes are taught as a single class. Students from both classes are placed in teams where they work with local non profit organizations to build Web sites. This practical "hands on" approach provides opportunities for students to expand their "technical" skills while developing the "soft skills" employers demand.

Topics include:

  • web site planning/production
  • creating a web proposal
  • storyboards and timelines
  • content development
  • communication strategies
  • effective teamwork
  • communication tools
  • client relations
  • production techniques
  • testing the site
  • site promotion strategies
  • search engine optimization
  • social networking
  • accessibility issues
  • site maintenance

Students work in teams to develop a web site for a client provided by instructor.

Students in CS 50.31 may attend class presentations by either coming to class, watching a CCC Confer web cast or viewing the videos which accompany each lesson.

Meetings with the team and client will be held face to face, through email and the phone, or with video conferencing software. The team and client will decide what communication tools work best for them during the first few weeks of class.