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Writing a Research Paper: Learning Resources

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Santa Rosa Junior College's very own library offers excellent resources to help you conduct research and work with sources in your essays.  Direct links to several important resources are provided below:

Tutorial: How to evaluate information resources
SRJC Library Catalog
SRJC Articles & Online Databases (apply for a PIN)
Tutorial: Finding Magazines Using Infotrac (.pdf file)
Tutorial: Finding Information on the World Wide Web (.pdf file)
Doing Research

Bedford-St. Martins offers an extensive site for students conducting research.  They present research guides on everything from how to create a works cited list to how to search the web, and research checklists for things like narrowing a topic, taking notes, skimming sources, and conducting surveys.  Very useful starting place for research!

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CUNY LogoThe E-Resource Center at CUNY offers wonderful Flash-based tutorials on many aspects of the writing process.  This tutorial on research writing is multi-faceted (see subtopics below).  As usual, the site offers many good exercises.

Exercise 1: Introduction to writing a research paper (Demo)
Exercise 2: What makes a good research topic? (Demo)
Exercise 3: Types of sources (Demo)
Exercise 4: Evaluating internet resources (choose # 1, new)
Exercise 5: Sorting notes for your research paper (Matching #1, new)
Exercise 6: Outlining (Demo)
Exercise 7: Formatting your research paper (Demo)
Exercise 8: Writing APA-style references (Demo, 4p)
Exercise 9: Writing reference entries (upgrading #1 , new)
Exercise 10: Paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism (choose #1 )
Exercise 11: Summarizing lengthy material for your research paper (choose #1)
Example of an Outline for a Research Paper
Example of Research Paper

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The University Library at California State University, Long Beach has developed a great list of links to paper topic search engines.  If you are uncertain what to write about, start here!

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The O'Keefe Library at St. Ambrose Library also provides good topically arranged links to paper topics and good resources for research.

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