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MLA Format Learning Resources


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A very accessible and locally supported resource. Not only does this site contain various links to a variety of MLA explanations, but the site is composed and maintained by the SRJC library staff. Ask a librarian!

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This site developed by Diana Hacker is very easy to use and provides wonderful information on finding and documenting sources.

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Purdue OWL LogoPurdue has done a terrific and thorough job providing information on MLA style. The site includes the following subtopics:

General Format
In-Text Citations: The Basics
In-Text Citations: Author-Page Style
Formatting Quotations
Footnotes and Endnotes
Works Cited Page: Basic Format
Works Cited Page: Books
Works Cited: Periodicals
Works Cited: Electronic Sources
Works Cited: Other Non-Print Sources
Additional Resources

In addition, this page contains links to information on the research process, including evaluating sources; quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing; documenting sources in the disciplines, and many more.

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The Folwer/Aaron Little, Brown Handbook is a great reasource that has been around for a long time.  The web site for the handbook is made available to the public.  It is a wonderful resource for everything related to writing a college research paper. The main page includes links to the subtopics named below. The site includes exercises, annotated student essays, a thorough discussion of how to format any kind of article, and too many other resources to name here.

Documentation in the Disciplines: MLA Style
MLA In-Text Citations
Sample MLA In-Text Citations
MLA Works Cited Page
MLA Works Cited Entries
Sample student papers, MLA Style (includes annotations)


Students love this site.  Essentially, you enter you information into the text boxes and the machine creates the citation for you—in MLA, APA, or Chicago style!

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