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Quotes & Quotation Marks Learning Resources

Purdue OWL logoA good discussion of how to use quotation marks correctly in all kinds of circumstances.  From this page, there is a link to an excellent resource on "quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing."  In addition, the site has a link to exercises on using quotation marks correctly.

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grammar girl logoIf you haven't yet listened to one of Grammar Girl's audio podcasts, give these lessons a try! Her grammar lessons are fun and relevant, often including interesting references to stuff happening in our culture today. Each lesson also includes a transcript, and audio files are available for download, so you can listen to them on your iPod.

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Grammar Guide logoHelpful site, particularly on tricky situations with quotation marks.  The text format is a bit intimidating (lots of words without headings), but don't avoid reading the text because of the format; you'll miss out on some useful information.

Quiz on using quotation marks correctly

Love this site!  But perhaps English teachers are grammar nerds. The site is maintained by curator Evan Davies. He has put together a museum of quotation abuses.  Fun. . . and educational! He even has a page for his visitors to submit abuses.

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Almost everything you wanted to know about quotation marks, including what "smart quotes" are, and explanation of differences between American and British styles.  Links to other useful sources are also provided.

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