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Introductions & Conclusions Learning Resources

cuny logoAnother great set of Flash-based exercises from the E-Resources center at CUNY. Highly useful practice in formulating introductions and conclusions.

Introduction and Thesis

Concluding Paragraphs


msu logoExcellent and thorough discussion of many options for introducing and concluding an essay.  A somewhat scholarly tone, but not too difficult. 

Writing Introductions

Writing Conclusions

Roane OWL logoIf writing introductions and conclusions is really making your nervous, take a look at this site.  Instructor Ella Bervan makes introductions and conclusions look easy in her step-by-step approach.  She readily admits that her method is not the only one for writing introductions and conclusions, but that it may help those who have trouble organizing their thoughts.

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GMU logoGood strategies for introducing and concluding essays are provided here.  And help formulating titles, an under-emphasized skill, is also provided.

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This site offers exercises in writing introductions. Students are given topics and are asked to write introductory paragraphs for that topic; then they compare their answers with the instructor's answers.

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