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Pronoun Problems: Learning Resources

CUNY logoThis site presents a great Flash-based interactive tutorial on correcting pronoun- antecedent agreement problems. 

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grammar girl logoIf you haven't yet listened to one of Grammar Girl's audio podcasts, give these lessons a try! Her grammar lessons are fun and relevant, often including interesting references to stuff happening in our culture today. Each lesson also includes a transcript, and audio files are available for download, so you can listen to them on your iPod.

How to use "myself" and other reflexive pronouns

Generic singular pronouns

LeTourneau University's "Owlet" offers a strong lesson in locating and correcting pronoun reference mistakes.  Easy to follow presentation with good examples.

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Grammar Bytes LogoThe Grammar Bytes site developed by Robin Simmons offers great materials on pronoun reference and pronoun antecedent agreement.   The self-quizzes will really help you improve your ability to locate and correct these pronoun mistakes.

Pronoun Reference Exercises

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Exercises




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