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General Writing Resources

Below are links to all kinds of useful sites to help you improve your writing. Links are included to sites addressing writing topics not covered by our modules. Direct links to the resources pages for all of our writing modules are also provided. If you know of a good site that is not included here but that you think might be useful to other students, please drop us a line.

This page from NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) offers an excellent easy-to-understand explanation of how to stay gender neutral in writing.  Several examples are provided.  A great resource!

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Grammar Girl LogoThe most fun grammar site around. Grammar Girl offers a regular blog of audio and text lessons on word choice, punctuation, abbreviations, proofreading tips, and many other kinds of grammar and mechanics lessons

You can send in, or even record your questions for Grammar Girl.

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CUNY LogoA great site from CUNY offering Flash based writing and grammar tutorials.  Fun, good quality exercises.

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