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Web site design by Jennifer Royal, English Department, Santa Rosa Junior College.


Flashvalley.com for ideas on the Writing Lab page and menu actionscript.  http://www.Flashvalley.com

Projectseven.com for menu extensions. http://www.Flashvalley.com

Flashloaded.com for PageFlipper, used on the English 365 Home page. http://www.flashloaded.com/flashcomponents/pageflipper/

Adobe.com for Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver and for video templates.

Aquaminds.com, an invaluable application for organizing a large project.  http://www.aquaminds.com

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Stock.xchng for great stock photos.  http://www.sxc.hu/index.phtml
Tickie.net for background art. http://www.tickie.net

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Stonewashed.net  http://www.stonedwashed.net/button.html
Sonomic Sound Library http://www.sonomic.com/sound_fx.jsp

Course Management:

CATE, SRJC, Grade-book, Discussion Board, and Quiz pages developed by Bill Stone.  http://online.santarosa.edu


Thanks to Russ Bowden for his support and Yarrow Sweningsen for his videography, patience and great advice. 


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