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Video Lessons:

Sandra Feldman, "Writing an Argument," "Logical Fallacies"
Annette Gooch, Commas, Computer & Writing: Tips
Melissa Kort, MLA Format, Computers & Writing: Tips
Barbara McClure: Semicolons & Colons; Coordination & Subordination
Shunit Mor-Barak, Sentence Fragments, Run-on Sentences
Jennifer Royal, Personal Essay, Paragraph Coherence: Key Words & Echo Words,
      Parallel Structure, End Punctuation, creating a unified essay
Julie Thompson: Writing a Literature Analysis
Tad Wakefield, Paragraph Unity
Anne Ysunza: Pronouns

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Meg Ellingson, Commas: "Statement of Objectives," pretest, quiz, exit assignment
Phil Forrester, Subject-Verb Agreement: pretest, quiz
Annette Gooch, "Thesis Development In Context"
Barbara McClure & Mark Heydon, MLA Format: "Statement of Objectives," pretest, quiz, exit




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