Work Experience

Faculty, Santa Rosa Junior College: Natural Resources Management
Librarian, El Molino High School
Executive Director, Holocaust Center of Northern California (1983-1992)
Field Supervisor, Student Conservation Association (1972-1988)
Park Ranger, CA State and Sonoma County Regional Parks (1976-1981)
Consultant, NPS USHMM (1992-94), AMERICORPS (1995-96)

Publications: 12 Book Reviews, San Jose Mercury News (1990-96)

Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean
Audubon:Life and Art in the American Wilderness by Shirley Streshinsky
LAST STAND: The War Between Wall Street and Main Street Over California's Ancient Redwoods by David Harris

Interests, Activities & Plans

Hobbies: Backpacking, cross-country skiing, reading, walking, travel

Member: Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, American Library Association, Alliance for the Study of the Holocaust at Sonoma State University

Plans for the future: Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, 1997

Other Interesting Things

Cowboy, Kibbutz Mazuba, 1970-71; East African Refugee Rescue Mission, 1983.

Other Places in Webspace

NRM 10 Syllabus; Summer, 1996
Magazine Article Summaries
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