PHP Programming Class News

LiveDocx in PHP
·Porting Zend_Service_LiveDocx to ZF 2.0
·Professional Documents the Easy Way
·LiveDocx supports PHP Unconference Europe
·PHP Unconference in Hamburg, Germany
·Zend_Service_LiveDocx Introduction by A. Nuzzo
·Zend_Service_LiveDocx vs. odtphp by J. Pauli
·Zend_Service_LiveDocx Intro By Gjero Krsteski
·Zend_Service_LiveDocx Intro By Faheem Abbas
·Zend_Service_LiveDocx stable has been released
·Migrating from Tis_ to Zend_Service_LiveDocx New Articles
·Transferring Huge XML Documents in PHP with an Ajax-driven Web Interface
·The 5 WordPress 3.0 Features Worth Upgrading For
·A Developer's Look at ExpressionEngine 2
·10 Easy Examples for Deciphering PHP Regular Expressions
·Refactor Your PHP Site Using MySQL Stored Procedures and Views
·My Top 10 Most Useful Joomla Components
·Upgrading Basic Twitter Authentication to OAuth with PHP
·Three Advanced Object-Oriented PHP Features You Need to Know
·Add Custom Components to Your PHP Development with PRADO
·Meet PRADO, the Component-based PHP Development Framework

PHP kitchen
·How to track conversions using Wordpress
·Test Like a Nazi
·5 Ways to Increase Engagement and Build Community
·Gmail probs
·How to measure code quality
·Take homes from Best Tech Entrepreneurs 2009
·5 stars in the AppStore
·Success in the AppStore
·After a long night of programming
·How to Get Your Start-Up Mentioned in TechCrunch

Sample Midterms
Posted Monday March 13 @ 08:00 PM 
I have posted sample midterms on the class web site. You can find them at 2006 sample ( answers ) and 2003 sample ( answers ) . I recommend that you do review these as some of the questions will be on the midterm.

Test Question Due Dates
Posted Sunday February 12 @ 08:00 PM 
Now that most everybody has the textbook, I'm setting the due date for the test questions (Q1-Q6) to be 11 PM, Sunday February 19th.

Homework 4
Posted Sunday February 12 @ 08:00 PM 
A point of clarification on Homework 4, the page you build of the data display of the timecard data should be linked to via the "Timecard" link of your navigation (which was specified in Homework 3).

It was pointed out to me that the insert data script that you ran for Homework 4 only has punch table entries for one user. I've posted additional data in the script located on the student server 02_insert_data_2.sql. Make sure that your time card display only shows the data for one user.

Text Books
Posted Monday January 23 @ 06:30 PM 
Don't bother trying to call the bookstore, you won't be able to get a hold of a live person to check to see if the book is in. I've got my step-son running in there Tuesday to check to see if it is there and I'm waiting on a call back from the CIS admin to see if there is a way to get a hold of anyone in the bookstore. If anybody happens to visit the bookstore and see it is there, please email me so I can let everyone else know. Until everyone has the text book, the test questions for each chapter will not be considered late for grading.

Homework 1 - Checkin Form
Posted Thursday January 19 @ 10:00 PM 
The Homework #1 form is now working and available for you to submit your information.

Text Books
Posted Thursday January 19 @ 08:30 PM 
The Santa Rosa Bookstore has 29 copies of the 2nd edition of Core PHP Programming arriving any day now. New copies are $20.50 and used ones are $15.40. Call the bookstore at (707)527-4321 to see if they have arrived. has it used for as low as $1.48 if you want to order it from one of their parnters.

First Class
Posted Wednesday January 11 @ 09:00 AM 
PHP Programming is scheduled for Thursday nights 6-8 pm, in room 2926 starting on January 19, 2006.

PHP Everywhere
·Sun, Zend integrate PHP with Sun's Web server
·Icky Sticky Leaky PHPloat
·PHP 5 beta 2 is out
·A different take on PHP-Con
·Living La Vida Longhorn
·Is Pharrot That Fast?
·The Shape of Pharrots to Come
·PHP & Parrot (PDF)
·Natural Born Killers of PHP
·PHP Performance Profiling with APD


Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community
·LinuxCon Day 3: Now Get Out There and Do Something!
·LinuxCon Day 2: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Linux has Arrived.
·Nautilus Location Bar in Lucid
·Debian 6.0 on Track for December Release
·Jean Staten Healy: IBM's Worldwide Linux Strategy
·Highlights from Day 1 at LinuxCon 2010
·Spotlight on Linux: openSUSE 11.3
·Qualcomm's Rob Chandhok Joins Linux Foundation Board
·Spin Your Own Debian with Live Studio
·Live From Boston, LinuxCon 2010