CIS 58.51A - Creating Web Pages 1 - HTML

Section 6611 - Thursdays 6-8 PM - Room 2928

27 Mar 2005
I have graded the first batch of homework and posted the grades. If you have turned in Homework 1, 2 or Quiz 0 and you do not see a grade recorded, please email me immediately.

The homework forms for #3 & 4 are now available for you to submit your work. Quiz 1 is also now online and ready for you.
22 Mar 2005
Quiz 0 is now online and ready for you to take. Remember it is open book, open notes, open class web site and open internet. This is the first time I've used this quiz tool, please email me right away if you have any problems taking the quiz.
20 Mar 2005
The web form for Homework 2 is now available for you to turn in your homework.
17 Mar 2005
Please read Day 1 and Day 2 in preparation for the first lecture. We only have 8 weeks and we'll hit the ground running.

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