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·PHP Class 'Image_Toolbox' released
·Sun, Zend integrate PHP with Sun's Web server
·Icky Sticky Leaky PHPloat
·Zend, Sun bringing PHP to the enterprise
·Brewing Java, PHP En Masse
·PHP Class 'Cookie session' released
·PHP Class 'HTML Forms Objects' released
·PHP Web Services Without SOAP
·phpDocumentor 1.2.3 is released
·moregroupware 0.6.9 has been released today New Articles
·GIS Mapping with PHP
·On User-Defined Timezones in PHP
·Dreamweaver MX 2004
·Using PEAR's HTML_Table Class
·An introduction to the ADOdb class library, Part 2
·An introduction to the ADOdb class library for PHP
·Manually Expiring Web Pages
·Regression Testing With JMeter
·Advanced Image Editing Under the GD Library
·The Benefits of Using Objects with Databases

·Holee Progress Bars !!
·Seagull 0.3.4-beta Released
·Posting Forms Securely
·Interesting Hacking Ideas
·Ovidentia MP released
·RegExpEditor: Regular Expression GUI Tool
·Xaraya .9.1.3 Released
·TemplateTamer 1.2.0. released
·Seagull 0.3.3.p1-beta bugfix
·Seagull 0.3.3-beta Released

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·Customize this feed
·Implementing an online chat
·What is PostgreSQL?
·Installing MySQL on Linux
·Server-side vs. Client-side
·What is MySQL

PHP Programming Contest Posted Wednesday March 12, @04:55PM 
See PHP Contest for information about entering a PHP programming contest. There is a beginning PHP programmer category, so you do qualify. If anybody enters, I'm willing to count it in place of some homework assignments. Contest deadline is Monday April 7th, 23:59 (GMT). Prizes include software, T-shirts, books gift certificates and magazine subscriptions.

Schedule Updated Posted Friday February 07, @04:32PM 
As there will not be any classes on February 12th, I have updated the schedule and homework due dates.

Office Hours moving to Tuesdays Posted Tuesday January 28, @09:57PM 
Effective the week of February 3rd, my Office Hours will be moving to Tuesday nights, 6:30-7 PM at the Petaluma CIS Lab.

New Test Question Processor is in place Posted Tuesday January 28, @12:13AM 
The Test Question submission tool has been updated. Please let me know if there are any problems with it.

Class mailing list is up and running Posted Tuesday January 28, @12:13AM 
By now you should have recieved and email with instructions on how to send email to the class mailing list. If you have not recieved it, please let me know.

SSH link on student server is broken Posted Friday January 24, @11:10PM 
The download link on the student server to the SSH program is broken. A newer version of SSH has been released. The new URL is

Oops 2 Posted Wednesday January 15, @09:22PM 
Besides the Business Requirements homework, please complete Homework assignment H1 ASAP, I'm going to waive the due date because I forgot to mention it in class. Please note, the email address you use on this homework will be the email address "registered" for the rest of your homework submissions, only "registered" email addresses will be permitted to submit homework and test questions. If your email address should change during the semester, please notify me and I'll update the system.

Oops Posted Wednesday January 15, @08:25PM 
I forgot to show you where to sign up for an account on the student web server. Go to and follow the "Application for Student Account" link. Look at the SSH/SCP/SFTP info for the tools to transfer your files to the server. I will demo the SSH tool next week in class.

PHP Mailing Lists Posted Saturday January 11, @03:47PM 
You can subscribe to PHP mailing lists at There are specific topic lists as well as general PHP information lists. Beware, the general lists easily can have 500 messages a day!!

PHP Everywhere
·Sun, Zend integrate PHP with Sun's Web server
·Icky Sticky Leaky PHPloat
·PHP 5 beta 2 is out
·A different take on PHP-Con
·Living La Vida Longhorn
·Is Pharrot That Fast?
·The Shape of Pharrots to Come
·PHP & Parrot (PDF)
·Natural Born Killers of PHP
·PHP Performance Profiling with APD

·IBM, Corning look into supercomputer optics
·Wake Forest to offer IP phoning
·Veritas announces data-tracking product
·IBM reworks desktop services
·Intel snags market share from AMD

Linux Journal
·Singapore Hosts Major Open-Source Meeting in November
·WorldWatch Week in Review
·Cross-Platform Software Development Using CMake
·View from the Trenches: Virtual Curfews
·A Comparison of Snort Books
·CrossOver Office Server Edition
·Role-Based Access Control: A Book Review
·Using the Hammerfall HDSP on Linux
·PHP Performance Profiling
·The Art of Rewriting Old Games